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                  about us

                  Enterprise introduction

                  Foshan together hong fu co., LTD., located in "China ceramic capital" foshan in guangdong province town, founded in, is a company specializing in the production of inkjet kong marble large-scale modernization of energy conservation and environmental protection ceramic enterprises, with strong production, research and development strength, excellent product quality, efficient marketing network and scientific management mechanism and excellent talent architecture has won the general consumers and dealer's trust and support, developing rapidly, become the domestic well-known brand of ceramic. Leading industry Internet + marketing concept.

                  Adhering to the essence of China's five-thousand-year ceramic culture, we gather the great achievements of European and American classic art masterpieces, adhering to the goal of "first-class quality" and the perfect after-sales service process. In the process of continuous innovation and enterprising, together hong fu is dedicated to the vast number of consumers with high quality products, product structure diversification, breed of design and color is rich, emerged mainly by the nine dragon screen series, line series, Mr Series, poly SPAR series, white series, a series of tulips in the original stone series, the series of amazon, king kong tower, the marble series, Jin Gangwei crystal series, king kong glaze series products, favored by the industry praise and consumer choice. Excellent product quality is derived from advanced equipment and concepts. We are well versed in this process and are committed to the development and design of more modern and environmentally friendly products. Ensure perfect products for every customer and user. Whether in the design of fancy varieties, mass production trial-manufacture, update process equipment and even staff training, always adhere to the principle of quality first.

                  Driven by advanced concepts, junjing ceramics introduces advanced manufacturing techniques to create superior quality with excellent technology. Junjing brings you polishing brick trend products. All the products are subject to strict inspection by relevant national departments and obtain various professional certifications, which meet the requirements of appendix G and gb6566-2010 standard in GB/ t4100-2006 standard, as well as the qualification certification of "China compulsory 3C certification", and the use range is not restricted. Our unremitting pursuit in quality, only to let users get more comfortable and healthy living space. Quality comes from the belief that each process is junjing ceramics. I believe that through unremitting efforts, down-to-earth and progressive, certainly open up the road to success.

                  In the future road, junjing ceramics will continue to carry out the brand concept of "fashion boutique, the selection of taste". It is always shining on the ceramic stage with the best posture, contributing to the harmonious life of the masses of consumers and striving for the construction of a harmonious society. Adhering to the business philosophy of "humanistic care, honesty and openness", junjing ceramics will devote itself to serving customers at a wider level and return to the society with a positive and sincere attitude.


                  1、Enterprise mission:

                  Create value for customers and create wealth for society.

                  2、Core values:

                  The core values of "people-oriented, win-win" concept, strive to achieve "three satisfaction" - - consumer satisfaction, dealer satisfaction, employee satisfaction.

                  3、service idea:

                  Sincere and pragmatic, - top-down, down-to-earth work; solid work, diligent reclamation work, sincere service to every colleague and customer.

                  4、Quality concept:

                  Quality is the life of an enterprise, quality is the social responsibility of the enterprise, and the quality is the promise of the enterprise to the consumer.

                  Talent concept:

                  "People-oriented, able to reuse"

                  The company's personnel standards are: innovative sense and continuous enterprising spirit.

                  The competition mechanism of the company is: the able person, the peace maker, the mediocre person.

                  The company is doing everything it can to make people fit for their positions and fit for them.

                  The company not only treats people to stay, but also prefers to retain people through their careers.

                  Brand honor

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