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                  Polished tiles can also be tall.


                  Polished brick is a kind of bright surface tile which is made by grinding the surface of brick body. It belongs to one kind of brick body. Polished brick surface is clean and bright, hard and wear-resistant. It is a good choice for home decoration. And with the renewal of ceramic technology, it is thrown away.光磚可以做出各種紋理效果。

                  ▲Polished brick, European style decoration is the biggest portrayal of romanticism, pay attention to the changes in line flow, pay attention to the symmetry of space elements, this style of expression of the quality of life, at the same time, most young people like the decoration style.

                  ▲Modern elegant style, warm yellow tone and simple and elegant style of ceramic tiles, the most suitable for home space decoration, its decoration simple and elegant, as if to be able to inject magic magic into the room, space breath are fresh and fashionable, is an indispensable element of modern home decoration porcelain fashion.

                  ▲The modern texture of polished tiles expresses a low-key and high-quality petty bourgeoisie style of life, a symbol of taste and attitude to life, with natural texture of the warm color tiles, so that the space becomes more open, such a living environment is comfortable.

                  ▲Simplicity is a fashion, a comfortable and appropriate life proposition, a buffer and release of the pressure of life, in the busy city to leave themselves a piece of the world to roam alone.

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